Active projects
Modern approach to technical debt management for agile teams, helping to prevent further problems and maintain code quality.
CRM for programmers based on Git, as it stands in the name.
SaaS application with related consulting services, aiming to help early-stage startups to create first pilots, MVPs, and demos.
Scrappers Manager
Fresh approach for web scrapping problem. We're trying to review it under unusual angle, providing customers M2M solution.
Mad Scanner
Get data from the web delivered in the most convenient format. Choose the subscription-based model of ongoing adaptation or pay-as-you-go plan for the mature solutions.
Projects on hold
Python Jobs
Jobs list helping both companies and developers interested in Python to find each other. Along with jobs posting it provides local and global Python-related events coverage and other information which might be useful for community.
Pizza Info
Pretty simple aggregator for pizzerias in St. Petersburg providing some neat features.
Obed Na Rabote (Lunch At Desk)
Aggregates data from lunch-delivery organizations.
Conversion Studio
Simple yet effective approach for increasing conversion rate for outdated business. Providing set of predefined tools for reasonable price which boost sales.
Boomerang for
Idea of the project was to implement features similar to Baydin's Boomerang for GMail. However due to lack of documentation on project development was pretty slow. Pre-alpha version was finished only within 4 months and it was decided not to move any forward for the time being.
Conversion Studio
Conversion Studio helps medical institutions leverage web design, online marketing and custom software development to attract reliable customers while increasing conversion rate from their marketing campaigns.

Studio's collaborative approach ensures your goals and objectives remain top priority. We know you need measurable improvements that you can take to your stakeholders. Conversion Studio delivers results you can rely on.